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Home to the sparkling Alps, Austria offers visitors an abundance of breathtaking scenery, established hiking trails and glorious mountains famed for their excellent skiing. But the country is also celebrated for its historical structures, first-class museums and ingrained culture. The jewel in Austria's crown is Vienna, a glorious city with a legacy of grand palaces, castles and museums.

One of the beauties of Central Europe's attractions is their proximity to one another; Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria can easily be combined on a fascinating itinerary. The intricate waterways of Venice's romantic canals blend seamlessly with the city's rich past and magnificent architecture, whilst a short boat ride across the Gulf of Venice transports visitors to the charming coastal town of Portoroz, Slovenia.

As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, France attracts visitors with her beautiful coastline and beguiling cities, most notably Paris, home to the Eiffel tower and the Louvre Museum. With beautiful villages, rural areas and mountains not to mention its wine regions such as Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne.

Located in the middle of continental Europe, Germany has been at the forefront of European history for the last 300 years. Its capital city Berlin, is home to many historical sites such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg gate and more recently the remains of the Berlin Wall, and the Holocaust Memorial.

Comprising England, Wales and Scotland, Great Britain is the largest island of Europe and often the first port of call for transatlantic visitors. England's capital London is a high point on everyone's list boasting fabulous historical sites and museums, not to mention unbridled royal pageantry.

Regarded as the cradle of European civilization, Greece is home to an incredible array of archaeological sites dating back to 2000BC. From its ancient capital Athens and the famous Parthenon on the Acropolis, to the many beautiful sites on the Greek mainland including Olympia, home of the first ancient Olympic games, Greece is a true showpiece of European ancient history.

From its capital Dublin, showcasing a wealth of literary talents from Yeats to James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw to Oscar Wilde, Ireland is home to a proud literary tradition. Another highlight for any visit to Ireland is in discovering its beautiful countryside with its charming villages, wonderful seaside towns and the famous Blarney Castle, the medieval stronghold near Cork, dating from before AD 1200.

Few countries can offer such a fabulous selection of art, culinary delights, history and incredible cities as Italy. With Rome as its capital and the awesome Coliseum, this tends to be the starting point of an incredible voyage through time and history. With such art cities as Florence, the renaissance city and Venice, the city of canals, Italy is a truly inspiring destination for all visitors.

Despite being one of Europe&aops;s smallest nations, beautiful Slovenia has a wealth of attractions to rival countries many times its size. Resting between the Alps and the Adriatic, Slovenia has been blessed with astonishing natural beauty, highlights of which include picturesque Lake Bled, the dazzling Julian Alps, mysterious Postojna caves and the charming Mediterranean coastline of Piran

Mostly popular for its famous beaches and resorts, Spain is also home to a fabulous cultural legacy with Madrid and Barcelona portraying a marvellous array of impressive architecture, landmarks and excellent museums. With gothic cathedrals and the awe inspiring 13th century Alhambra Palace.

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